Introduction to MANDAR

MANDAR is, yet, another philanthropic venture of Harshad Mehta – who is a well-respected personality in the business of diamonds.

MANDAR is going to work as a professional outfit to assist NGOs to run them more professionally and help them raise their standards of charity to satisfy the criteria of global donors.

Many NGOs are doing great work in different areas, serving society and the communities – either with the help of the government or a trust-body, or through corporates or individuals. However, all of them face many challenges like measurement of impact, funding pipeline, sustainability and transparency. It is realized that if the NGOs are assisted in these areas through effective due diligence, then, credible alliances can be formed for donors and recipients. This is where MANDAR is going to work as a professional body.

MANDAR will ensure meticulous selection of delivery partners with proven track record. MANDAR will regularly monitor, evaluate and report effective partnerships to maximize funding. MANDAR will organize seminars on philanthropy overseas.

Good tidings for MANDAR!

Geeta Chhabra

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