My Welcome Address for EKAL Event: Flavours of India held on 14th November 2014
Venue: The Indian High School Grounds, Dubai, UAE.

Your Excellency – Anurag Bhushan – our gracious Consul General from India, Ms. Asha Parekh, esteemed dignitaries, friends, supporters & beautiful children – good evening, salam, namaskar.

It is a great honour to have your participation celebrating a socio-cultural event. As we all know, it is often difficult to recognize the socio-cultural aspects of a country. Typically, this is done by pursuing research, or travelling. This evening is designed to share and refresh all that we have inherited by the diversity of India. This event is designed to glimpse into a tiny window, showcasing: Flavours of India.

With 29 states, and 7 union territories – India, is indeed an evocative chalice of varied social customs, languages, cuisine, and different art forms. Flavours of India is about dance and song and food – representing various regions of India. This evening is meant to strengthen bonds among society members. Flavours of India symbolizes the energy of children who are inspired by social causes.

Linked with the arm of socio-cultural elements, I want to re-endorse on a mutual thought that India's success to reach Mars in first attempt ought to inspire all of us to eradicate illiteracy. Surely, if we can reach Mars, we can eradicate illiteracy in India!

Friends, devotion to a social cause, as you might imagine, depends not only on the doer, but the message itself – that is, the message being communicated to reward practical results.

EKAL's message: "each one, teach one", makes a great deal of sense. EKAL's heartening results on providing 'basic' education to the neglected children living in the remote tribal belts of India are sufficient proof to bring us together, again.

Since we are the privileged people possessing the intelligence to understand our responsibilities, we should expect ourselves to follow those who are committed to social causes. Successful careers, successful business growth will flourish even more when we achieve a better tomorrow for those poor kids who are shackled by their hopeless circumstances.

My address would be incomplete if I were not to mention the name of Mr. Harshad R. Mehta. Harshad Bhai, has proven to be the guiding light to make us aware of EKAL's goals of providing 'basic' education to the poor children living in the tribal belts of India. He along with his spouse, Naina ji are inspiring examples in our society. They, and their son Rihen are people who want to share their well-being with those who are waiting for hope to shape their destiny. Harshad Bhai and his family are fully devoted to social causes.

Finally, I must mention the spirit of supporters who, have in terms of time, money, emotional investment helped in programming: Flavours of India. Interestingly, all our events till today have emerged with the value theory that team-spirit is vital. The key to our added satisfaction is that we have never taken services of an Event Management Company!

I am indebted to everyone present here. Enjoy your evening. Thank you for giving me time.

Geeta Chhabra
President-EKAL UAE.

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