The Art of Living… Soka Gakkai Way!

It is a mega success when one finds it is day and night improvement in oneself and how the world is looking new and an easier place to deal with.  “With the positive changes that have come in me, I would like to help others to achieve what I am continuously achieving.”  Have you experienced anything close to this?  Many have, many do, and many will!  To preserve the prevailing text, let me take you back to the morning of May 3rd (2011) Mumbai (India).  I had the fortunate entitlement to attend BHARAT SOKA GAKKAI members’ meeting at my son, Viresh Chhabra’s residence.  The aura of the well-attended gathering amplified immense positivity.


May 3rd – Soka Gakkai Day
May 3rd – Soka Gakkai Mother’s Day
Triumphant May 3rd –  It was May 3rd (1951) – when as the 2nd President of Soka Gokkai, the late Josei Toda threw his entire being for the cause of Soka Gakkai, giving his life to help individuals to overcome suffering. 


At this particular event of 2011 – I witnessed Soka Gakkai members functioning like a one-big-family, encouraging and supporting one another harmoniously and wisely.  The writings of their revered Japanese Buddhist saint Nichiren Daishonin (Feb 16, 1222 – Oct 13, 1282) make the greatest learn-and-practise theme for the worldwide Soka Gakkai Organization.  Presently, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda in Japan heads as the President. 


The extra scope of joy was to see the ‘cubs’ – children of Soka Gakkai members entertaining us with skits developed on the value of good morals.  The ‘cubs’ were naturals!  Living up to the Vow of Soka Gakkai, the ‘cubs’ roared like lions and bloomed like lotuses!


The meeting transplanted penetrating strength in my own beliefs.  Universal love and the deep bond between the mentor and disciple.  I was repeating: There’ll be a spring in every stride when my mentor and I will walk with pride…


Superbly scientific and soothing!


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(The diarist Geeta Chhabra wrote the above article on 19th May 2011.)


Geeta Chhabra


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