Looking for Answers


They must have died in the clamour,
Where sometimes people never know…
Why they are dying!


Their shrill cries come floating over to me –
The sound draws my blood.
I can’t understand my suffering!


Am I in an age so dark,
Where motley deeds of others
Should hound me to breathe anew…


The poisonous air of vengeance?
I cringe and cower at the thought.
Because, I want peace!


But then who doesn’t want peace?


I can imagine the state of commotion
In those wild regions –
Where doom moves so freely.


I wish for peace.
I hope for peace.
Peace! Peace!


But then who doesn’t want peace!


Like the heavy rain streaming,
My heart is now a stream of gloom.
But what can I do?


The writhing coils of human greed.
The intrigues of politics.
They are too much for me!


What can I do?
The merchants of arms and weapons:
Have never feared God!


What shall I do?
An unknown voice drums:
Death! Death!



1st March 2015


Geeta Chhabra


From the book: Smash My Glass by Geeta Chhabra


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