Introduction to Prose

My prose is a dedicated declaration of my soul experiencing realities and dualities that are surely larger than the written words. But, then a written word is a written word, bringing out the elements of such experiences! I look into the far distance when I sat with Nissim Ezekiel for hours, days, months, showing him my work, in the form of poems. Within his startled laugh, or a pause, he showed me the light in my own work; with perfect sincerity, the maestro, promoted my confidence and passion for writing, Today, the same passion sustains a greater passion which has taken the immaculate face of a responsibility. Today, I feel I am discharging a duty when I am writing. My idea is to share my own experiences with others. Isn't that a part of human heritage? Then, enough of a reason for me to participate in this exercise!


We move in and out of our experiences and in the process: evolve. Our evolvements are the most outstanding monuments which we can leave behind for others. Each of us is a special soul on this earth. Each human being has his own journey to complete and every journey has its own mark of distinction and disappointments. The remnants of nostalgia, the process of struggle, the prizes of achievements (both spiritual and earthly) can all be positive justifications to put our lived days into words. Our experiences are also journeys - journeys of purification. When shared with others, they become sacred treasures. Certain lines can influence us more than an entire precious book. That's what matters; where we hit the right keys, the right notes to sing along. That is what L-I-F-E is, I feel.


Interpreting our voyages is like looking into an ever-changing image. I remember someone fondly, who told me, 'Life is not static'. Of course, I knew that life is not static. Everyone knows that life is not static. But the main chance came to me to grasp the statement through this person who struck the right notes, at that very point of speaking to me. And how well I have absorbed those words! You see, this is what I mean, when I say certain lines can influence us more than an entire precious book, sometimes. I cannot fit within these pages my passage through life, but I can certainly share the gist of it.

Geeta Chhabra

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