About Geeta Chhabra

Geeta Chhabra was born in Amritsar (North India), the seat of the holiest of Sikh shrines, the Golden Temple. In her early years, she imbibed the aesthetic and spiritual vibrations of this holy city. Following her schooling, she went to the famous institute of St. Bede's at Shimla for graduation. Married to a visionary shipping entrepreneur, she got the opportunity of traveling extensively to various parts of the world. This exposure also helped her to hone her sensitivities in the fields of art, music and literature.

Her experiences and observations, her emotional reactions and intuitive perceptions, and her responses to the ever-changing human and natural phenomena, propelled her to expressing herself in verse. Later, she was fortunate to have received the guidance of the late Nissim Ezekiel, considered to be one of the greatest modern (English) poets of the Indian sub-continent.

A few years ago, through half chance and half persuasion, at an unhurried pace Geeta read a book, Autobiography of a Yogi, by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda. The book, consequently, turned out to be an all-out experience for her, which in its fullness has rewarded her to identify the great saint as her Guru. Following his teachings correctly is an instant long-lived gain and there are no limits here, she feels, implying to the management of self and life in general.

Her recently published book of 40 poems: An Indian Ode To The Emirates (by Motivate Publishing), supported by pictorial images of UAE is dedicated to the everlasting ties between India and UAE. The bi-lingual Coffee Table Book (English-Arabic) has the Arabic translation done by the reputed Emirati Poet and Translator - Dr. Shihab Ghanem.

Apart from poetry, Geeta regularly encapsulates her point of reasoning in www.geetachhabra.com.The main purpose of www.geetachhabra.com is to bond the spirit of peace, love and brotherhood around us. The site is a platform which also assigns itself to represent the observations of its keen readers.

Recently, Geeta Chhabra has received an international award for her website www.geetachhabra.com. The award is: Poets Printery International Best Poetry Web Site Award for Creativity and New Age Poetry. This is a joint venture of Skyline Publishing and Poets Printery.

Geeta now divides her time between Mumbai and Dubai, fulfilling her family and business responsibilities, and expressing herself in poetry and prose. She frequently sings with zeal and fondness whenever an occasion arises.