Geeta Chhabra's letter to her Readers



26th March 2024

My dear Readers,


I have always been a scribbler of sorts. As a child, I scribbled titles for my drawings of birds and boats and flowers and even other objects that possessed dark elements. Between my doodles and scribbles, (at that point) to ward off my fears, I would never miss to include drawing God by imposing the sun in the pictures’ framework. God and the sun simply assured me of reasonable stability.

Till today, I have remained a scribbler! I scribble my poetic and prose thoughts on current subjects; now with the passage of years there’s an expanded space to draw human forms and environments facing a grim future. The awareness of destructive forces, ranging from global climate change to shrinking forests to the fury of conflicts – now-here-now-there… scare the living daylights out of me. I’m sure, many of you might be going through what I go through….


For this month’s Issue, in the Poetry section, my poems are from my old collections.  To view them kindly click on


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For this month’s Issue, in the section of Different Dialogues we have the Interview with extended & enlarged version of – Ms. Patricia Al Fakhri – veteran water colourist based in Dubai and UK.  To view it, kindly click on


In the Section of Music, I have written an article on: Why I want to sing without the mike. To view the same kindly click on


In the Book Review Section, I present the wonderful insight of an American swami; Sri Radhanath has written about his quest for life in the form of a book: The Journey Home.  To view how I have absorbed the book, kindly click on


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Enjoy the Issue.

With warm regards,

Geeta Chhabra

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