Fight extremism, but also injustices that fuel it.
Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, UN Human Rights Chief


You’ve expressed it right,
Our friend!


I know those hands of:
Neglect of the legitimate rights
Of communities.


I know those hands,
That reign with incalculable injustices.
You’ve said it right,
Our friend!
We must fight extremism,
But also injustices –
That fuel it.


We know those cursing, hurried hands,
Outstretched with limitless powers!
And have we cared to count the years
Of silence that scorched people’s stomachs?
There was never sadder tale,
Or more turmoil in their chaotic living!
We’ve got to ponder deep enough.


It is all fair with the people?
No. No. No.
It is not all fair with the people.
Alas! People are hungry.
Alas! People are angry.
Alas! The crafty tactics of greedy politics
Have made all of us helpless.


The hidden agendas of superpowers
Are a curse upon our earth.
Next door, nations are burning –
Who stole their Spring?
Deprivation and Repression.
Neglect of masses.
We know what has happened….


You’ve expressed it right,
Our friend!



7th March 2015


Geeta Chhabra


From the book: Smash My Glass by Geeta Chhabra


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