Book Review of What The CEO Really Wants From You by R. Gopalakrishnan

Best Indian Short Stories by Khushwant SinghSet in an anecdotal style of narration, the book: WHAT THE CEO REALLY WANTS FROM YOU by R. Gopalakrishnan flows like a perennial book. You follow the book. The book follows you, offering a breathtakingly large perspective of life. The theme of Gopalakrishnan’s thought is fine-spun and it exceeds far beyond a training manual or a leadership guide. The content fosters moral values without sounding preachy. The book accelerates with test-case-examples which knead and blend so well that the reader will actually discover certain answers for himself.

Encased in the four As – Accomplishment, Affability, Advocacy and Authenticity – this book is yoga at work!

Gopal has earlier authored The Case of the Bonsai Manager: Lessons for Managers on Intuition (2007). His second book When the Penny Drops: Learning What Is Not Taught was published in 2010.

Geeta Chhabra

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