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23rd November 2017

My dear Readers,


Through the long hectic Diwali month, I recall two outstanding events which took place in Dubai – it was a great pleasure to attend both.


On 20th October 2017, Boston University Alumni in the Middle East arranged a reception & dinner for my daughter, Vibha Bakshi, hosted by Dr. B.R. Shetty’s family.  I will repeat what Vibha said on that evening: ‘The Shetty family’s warmth and humility are bigger than their multi-billion dollar health-care empire.’ My special thanks, too, to Seema, Reema, Shivani and Binay. Thanks to Juhi Ginger Dagli for her enthusiasm. In the Photo-News are Dr. B.R. Shetty’s children and our children – and other proud Alumni of Boston University. Kindly click on


26th October 2017, I had the opportunity to attend Naseba’s second day event of Global WIL Economic Forum, which discussed about ‘Women In Leadership.’  Evidence that women’s leadership is slowly penetrating into civil society organization is apparent; however, the root cause of gender inequality contributing to women’s lack of leadership is rampant. As an example, take my own country, India.  It is usually assumed, the “son” is the Sun!  I personally feel, to promote greater gender equality, decision-making has to increase within the family’s structure.  Besides, there is a definite need for a more detailed analysis along with awareness to confront the problems of gender biases. 


The panel discussions at the WIL Conference were varied and invigorating... I saw, heard and met participants who are taking big strides to make a better world. You see, it is easy to just talk or criticize, but when we gift our impactful actions to society – that ascends to a different level.  As the keynote speaker, my daughter, Vibha Bakshi, elaborated on the topic – From a Documentary to a Global Movement: Breaking the Silence on Gender Silence.


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Enjoy the Issue.

With warm regards,

Geeta Chhabra

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