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23rd April 2018

My dear Readers,


What a vast and boundless space life gives us to grow, evolve and realize the path of truth and genuine happiness! Gradually, with every challenge surfacing – we learn to solve our problems, thus, attaining the benefit of becoming stronger.  But, what if all the above does not happen in the correct mode? What if we break down halfway? Here I can share my personal thoughts based on my personal experiences, and I will say that if we are spending enough time to connect with the Divine Force, then, we are all set to attain the path of truth and happiness. It is as simple as this! Though connecting with God is a private matter: prayer, worship, meditation, fasting, chanting are some of the supreme forms of bhakti leading us to the enlightened sphere of the Almighty.  It is as simple as this that through bhakti, we are gifted to perform our day to day acts with wisdom and humility.


In the poetry section, I share with you my English poems which have been translated in the Arabic language by the eminent Emirati poet – Dr. Shihab Ghanem. These poems are part of our bilingual coffee table book: An Indian Ode To The Emirates, published by Motivate Publishing to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of UAE’s Spirit of union.   To view the poems kindly click on


My prose pieces are dedicated to my mentor – Nissim Ezekiel who encouraged me to write poems, and I can never thank him enough for the time he spent with me – guiding and discussing how true verse must come from the heart.  I miss him! To view those ‘memory’ prose pieces kindly click on


In the section of Different Dialogues, we present the interviews of Dr. Shihab Ghanem who has published 61 books of verse in Arabic and 2 in English.  His 24 volumes of verse have been translated from the Arabic to English… the lists and forms are endless. The poet has numerous awards to his credit. To view the interviews kindly click on


In the section of Book & Film Reviews: I have the film Little Women whose Novelist is Louisa May Alcott.  Her novel was later filmed by a number of film directors.  To view the review kindly click on


In the Music Section we have the philosopher/saint/poet – Kabir.  Kindly click on


In the photo-news, we have posted photographs of Dr. Shihab Ghanem at various venues. To view the photographs please click on


Viewers' Corner is active, as always. I thank my social media friends and well-wishers for their interest in my blog and my tweets on Twitter. To view the comments kindly click on


Enjoy the Issue.

With warm regards,

Geeta Chhabra

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