Geeta Chhabra's letter to her Readers



24th January 2018

Dear Readers,


My long stay in Mumbai has been very pleasant in every possible way.  The city is rich in roots and hospitality – still remembering New Year was so nice, won't forget that.  Mumbai is so good for medical checkups.  India is moving forward to seeing a new dawn on different scores.  It is already happening!


Recent Goa family sojourn will remain in my memory lane… perfect weather and hotel. The white-washed churches spoke volumes.  History lives on.  Restaurants were humming with business, and that gave me a good feeling about India, in the general sense. Our tourism, as of March 2017, India is 24th as against the previous rank of 41st and 40th in 2014 and 2015, respectively, as per a press release issued by the Ministry of Tourism.  India has jumped 16 places in the revised World Tourism Organization. In fact, India had taken huge strides in the tourism business in the last year – Travel & Tourism & Competitiveness Index (TTCI), 2017 has also shown a jump upwards by 12 places for India. 


In our Poetry section, my poems are based on: Nature.  I had gone to Ooty some years back and those times have tapped my heart to revive my connections with the hills, and with you.  To view them kindly click on


For my expression in Prose – please click on


In the section of Different Dialogues we have the extended & enlarged interview of – Ms. Patricia Al Fakhri – veteran water colourist based in Dubai and UK.


In the section of Book & Film Reviews, we have actor, environmentalist Leonard DiCaprio’s film A Plastic Ocean. To view the film’s review kindly click on


In the Music Section, we have Hymns of Guru Nanak Dev ji – the great Sikh guru.  Please click on


In Photo-News, I have posted photographs of my Goa trip – they brought memories of my earlier (several) trips to Goa.


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Enjoy the Issue.

With warm regards,

Geeta Chhabra

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