The Sound of Om/Aum

From my earliest childhood days – I can strongly recall seeing the symbol of Om/Aum in my home.  Additionally, most commonly pronounced words by my grand-mother and mother were: Hari Om, Shiv Om, Om Shanti and Om.


As I grew up, I learnt that in India, Om/Aum is sacred not only for Hindus, but also for Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists.  In fact, the name Omkara is taken as a name of God in the Hindu revivalist – Arya Samaj.


For me, the vibration of A-U-M means the divine sound of the Cosmic Power operating in perpetual, constant motion.  To sound out loudly – I adore to sing A-U-M in different musical notes.  Singing repeatedly Om/Aum soaks me in a unique high mood.  Aum influences my mind to bring in positive thoughts and serenity.  When occurring again and again (which is usually in an extempore melody), I am energized by Om/Aum.

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