EKAL Vanyatra trips to Melghat & Haryana-India in October 2016 & January 2017.


At the tribal village of Hirda. The presence of EKAL School can prove to be a boon for the community of Hirda. People rear cattle, and cultivate land for crops of soya, corn, mustard, vegetables.

The village kids seem full of enthusiasm the EKAL Schools, but there are challenges due to seen and unforeseen circumstances.
Geeta Chhabra at Ruipatar Village, located in the forest range of Melghat, Amravati District-Maharashtra, India, the EKAL School is sponsored by the Al Maktoum Foundation-Dubai, UAE.

Late evening Geeta Chhabra visited the EKAL School at Melghat in Amravati District-Maharashtra, India. The village is Biba Dhana. The Indian government is taking many measures to improve the condition of the tribal villages. Education is a must!

Geeta Chhabra (in black outfit) visits EKAL School on 23rd January 2017 in Atoha Village, Faridabad District, Haryana, India. The EKAL School is sponsored by the Al Maktoum Foundation-Dubai, UAE. Seen in the photo are also Sunila Bhatia and Vijay Sethi (EKAL volunteers) with the EKAL teacher in orange veil who is from the village, itself.

Geeta Chhabra joins the class assembly at Foolwadi Nagla Village of Haryana. On the extreme left is the teacher running the EKAL School, sponsored by the Al Maktoum Foundation-Dubai, UAE. The class was very motivated, the teacher was highly energetic due to her family support for EKAL.

Geeta Chhabra with Veena Bhatt and Vijay Sethi at Kondal Village of Haryana. Kids gather to attend EKAL School, sponsored by the Al Maktoum Foundation. Following the old tradition, certain ladies prefer to be in veil. The EKAL teachers are qualified up to the 10th – 12th level or more.

It is a very common sight to see the kids bringing their heavy school bags to the EKAL class. Here, their EKAL teacher helps them with the homework of their regular school.
The EKAL classes commence in the late afternoons.

While inspecting the various EKAL Schools sponsored by the Al Maktoum Foundation-Dubai, UAE, Geeta Chhabra stops at a typical rural zone of Northern India. The cow dung cakes are used as fuel for the kitchen. The straw structures are utilized for the purpose of storing crops.