Aims of Al Maktoum Foundation

Under the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Al Maktoum Foundation was inaugurated in Dubai in 1999.


Al Maktoum Foundation’s initial quest for philanthropy and humanitarian goal began in 1997 via the Cultural Centre in Dublin-Ireland.  After that, there was a continuous growth of the charitable arms which are offering benefits for causes of education, recreational and cultural activities to bring change in the youngsters’ lives. 


Among numerous other aims of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan is to give opportunities to Emirati students to train and progress in our fast-changing-world.  Besides, for the lesser fortunate e.g. orphans and the weaker sections – leisure trips of safaris are sponsored to bring mirth in their lives.  Similarly, forums to arrange other suitable activities take place.


People of special needs are encouraged to share the benefits of Al Maktoum Foundation.  The aims of the outfit is spreading light in many sectors of society – both at home and abroad.


The following content is a part of the interview of His Excellency Mirza Al Sayegh for  H.E. Mirza Al Sayegh is Director of the office of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.  He works with zeal for the Al Maktoum Foundation.  


H. E. Mirza Al Sayegh fondly recalls, “To help in the cause of our charity work, when we started sending sewing machines to Tanzania, and other places, someone said it was better still if we send textiles along with the sewing machines.  Narain Sawlani’s name came up and when he was approached, Narain Sawlani was willing to give the textile material.  There are good, helpful Indian people.  Hemchand Bhatia is another name.”


The point of the above quote is that Maktoum Foundation is a good motivator – having no borders!


The Charity works in 26 countries.  The functions classified are in fields of health, religion (Islam), water-wells, relief work; the majority of donations are for educational purpose.  Education Institutions are in Ireland, Detroit, Australia, New Zealand, Tanzania and Holland.

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