Book Review of “Expat Ride” by Mohammed Saifuddin

JExpat Ride by Mohammed SaifuddinMohammed Saifuddin, author of his maiden book: Expat Ride, lends his support with figures and facts to readers – who have little time and energy to make comparisons on the scale needed to know the regulations, facilities which create the category of Non-Indian Residents in Gulf countries. Precisely speaking, the 91 pages containing the content of Expat Ride, offer a whole lot more.

Mohammed Saifuddin is a freelance journalist and columnist in Saudi Arabia for over a decade. He contributes reports and articles to newspapers and web portals of India and Saudi Arabia. His column “Expat Ride” is dedicated to the problems, concerns, issues of the Indians living in Gulf countries.

Mohammed Saifuddin, the author of “Expat Ride”, is an experienced bilingual journalist with equal command on English and Urdu languages. He worked in India’s largest circulated Munsif Urdu daily, Hyderabad, and Awam Urdu daily. After shifting to Saudi Arabia, he contributes many articles to English and Urdu newspapers.

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