Geeta Chhabra's poems translated by
Dr. Shihab Ghanem and published
in Al Khaleej Cultural Supplement on 31st July 2010

To Dubai - My Second Home

Your treasures though not mine,
make me rich for you;
for me: I become the richest
by my thought.

You may have met your punctual miracle
I meet mine through you:
you passing me my dues.

Several of heaven’s people
I know, are all the same—
be they in your pervading kingdom,
or dwelling in my land.

Even the butterfly in your park
drops a smile on my homesick eye—
it flies with my memories:
in the same old-fashioned way.

On desertly skies,
when the staunch chant develops
in your opulent minarets—
I do not feel an outcaste in ranks
or, broken in faith.

Alike our likeness,
I also believe in One God—
God of all!
My humble heart craves
for His open grace—
the same way as you pray.

Geeta Chhabra