Geeta Chhabra's poems translated by
Dr. Shihab Ghanem and published
in Dubai Al Thaqafiah on 1st September 2010


An Ode to Sheikh Saeed Maktoum’s House
(By the Creek in Shindagha, Dubai)

Though there’s mystery beyond my dreaming,
Yet, in that mystery I love to dwell.
Every time, I visit Sheikh Saeed Maktoum’s House,
By the Creek in Shindagha,
Something… something… something…
Rich and beautiful,
I readily make for myself.

This particular meeting recalled me
To sign up for more memories;
Inside each room, the old eternal glory
Of challenges inspired my spirit,
As we moved along.
I recounted the heroic feats once more,
Through the speed of fast history’s
Black and white photographs.

What do I offer in return to this place,
Where I no longer come and go,
As a tourist, or a traveller?
To the House of Sheikh Saeed Maktoum,
By the Creek in Shindagha,
I tender what I cherish so much in my life:
Both: Poetry and Prayer.

That evening carried everything before my eyes!
The freedom I felt there was freer
than a thousand poets’ verse.
And the prayer had struck up a chant
on its own, in my heart.
Towards the open spaces of the courtyard reigned:
Peace… peace… peace…
And the first star of dusk merged me in its full radiance.

12th February 2009

Geeta Chhabra