Geeta Dutt

Geeta Dutt trained and groomed her singing under the guidance of K. Hanuman Prasad.  In 1946, she got the first break to sing in the mythological film: Bhakta Prahad for which K. Hanuman Prasad was the music director.


In 1947, Geeta Dutt got another break with the film: Do Bhai.  Her song in the film brought out the best elements in her voice. ‘Mera sundar sapna beet gaya’, topped the charts, and is still ever-green in the hearts of music lovers.


In the same film, her song, ‘Yaad karoge, yaad karoge, ek din humko yaad karoge’ also made her very popular.


Geeta Dutt will always come in the category of prominent singers of India.  She possessed a natural Bengali lilt in her voice.


Geeta Ghosh Roy Chowdhuri hailed from Bangladesh. She belonged to a rich Zamindar family of Debendranath Roy and Amiya Devi.  They shifted, first, to Calcutta (Kolkata), in the early forties – leaving behind their land and properties.  By 1942, the family moved to an apartment in Dadar, Mumbai.  At that time, Geeta Dutt was twelve years of age and had nine siblings.


In 1953, the young and brilliant director, Guru Dutt married Geeta, and they had three children.


Geeta Dutt sang for her husband’s films.  Music directors S.D. Burman and O.P. Nayyar liked the unique richness in her voice.  Among her other hit songs, ‘Aye dil mujhe bata de’ (Bhai Bhai 1956), ‘Nanhi kali sone chali (Sujata 1959), ‘Waqt ne kiya’ (Kaagas Ke Phool 1959) stand out with brilliance.


Geeta Dutt also performed in a leading role in a Bengali film, Badhu Baran in 1967.


Unfortunately, Geeta Dutt’s marriage fragmented in stages. She also took to drinking heavily. After her husband Guru Dutt’s death in 1964, Geeta Dutt failed in spirit and health.  She passed away on 20th July 1972 due to cirrhosis of liver.  She was known to have been extremely sensitive and childlike by nature.


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