Why I want to sing without the mike…

Even today, in India, from where I hail, one can come across the occasional singer, a singing bard with his ektara (the one-stringed musical instrument) and his begging bowl, singing across the far flung areas of different states.  In my case, the begging bowl, my dear friends, is my heart for you!


From the beginning till today, the pure-bred minstrels belonging to this once-thriving-now-dying tribe have passed down thousands of immaculate lyrical pieces of music – yielding to their emotions, sensibilities and devotion.  Apart from the droning instrument, ektara, other commonly used musical instruments included: small cymbals called kartal, bansure or a dugi – drum. 


Now coming to the part of: Why I want to sing without the mike… I think, it is more suitable to say: I want to be in a position of those singing minstrels who set off for their performances without the access of any music systems or mikes! Sharing this idea, itself, offers me a sort of detachment; then, swirls me into a mood of a flowing tranquil river! 


No matter how much a music system can do; no matter how well the mike has found its way – in my wisdom or folly, I find a perfect equilibrium in freeing myself from such apparatuses.


Singing without a mike gives me 'natural' sound and space for my songs. I gain for myself a sense of naturalness. I feel, singing without a mike is like a performance-art by itself! For me, the 'natural' sound has the same merits as having a selective audience!

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