Dubai Memories


In a lucky dip draw, at the Writers Dinner… An evening of fine words & good food at Dubai World Trade Centre in September 2013.
Masooma gets Geeta Chhabra’s book: An Indian Ode To The Emirates…
(From Left to Right) Masooma Abul Hassan, Geeta Chhabra & Ali Al Sayegh

The happy group at Writers Dinner…
(From Left to Right) Kamal Abdel Malek, Annabel Kantaria, Angela, Eddie Morgan, Eileen Bucknall & Geeta Chhabra.

At the Woman to Woman... interview held on 19th January 2014, at Women’s Museum, Dubai, UAE.
(From Left to Right) Geeta Chhabra - Poet-Author and Dr. Rafia Ghubash - Founder of Women's Museum, holding a copy of: An Indian Ode To The Emirates by Geeta Chhabra.