Memories made with family last a lifetime


In a Café by the Ski Slope… the pranksters at the Emirates Mall!
(From Left to Right) – Eesha Chhabra, Vir Bakshi, Varun Bakshi & Samira Chhabra.

Coffee time… Ice Cream time…
Vibha Bakshi with her sons Vir & Varun, and nieces Eesha & Samira Chhabra.

Geeta Chhabra-Dadi / Nani with grandchildren Vir & Varun Bakshi and Eesha & Samira Chhabra – Near Burj Khalifa-Dubai, UAE.

Vir Bakshi & Varun Bakshi (in arm-sling) with Nana – Ved Chhabra.

A Family Portrait to remember….
Geeta & Ved Chhabra in the holiday mood with their grandchildren.

Cup Cakes… Cup Cakes… from Magnolia… at Dubai Mall.
Life is about pranks and planning the party for Vir Bakshi’s Birthday!

It is close to mid-night… and none of us want to go home…!
Geeta Chhabra and Vibha Bakshi with Eesha & Samira Chhabra, Tina, Vir & Varun Bakshi.

Time to go home… loaded with goodies…!
The Happy Group of Vir & Varun Bakshi, Samira & Eesha Chhabra, Geeta Chhabra & Vibha Bakshi.

Let’s go green amidst Nature…. At Zabeel Park, Dubai, UAE.
Geeta Chhabra-Dadi / Nani with grand-sons – Vir & Varun Bakshi and grand-daughters – Eesha & Samira Chhabra.

A ticket to ride with love and fun….
Vibha Bakshi enjoying the afternoon with her sons Vir & Varun and her nieces Eesha & Samira.