Dr. Vibha Chhabra Bakshi had the honour of delivering the keynote address at various universities in February 2024.


Dr. Vibha Chhabra Bakshi delivered the Keynote address at Yale University followed by the screening of her groundbreaking documentary ‘SON RISE’ at the iconic Sheffield Sterling Strathcona building at Yale on 9 February 2024.
With Vishal Bakshi, Founder of the private equity firm Avatar Growth Capital.

Dean of Harvard Kennedy School – Douglas W. Elmendorf with Dr. Vibha Chhabra Bakshi.

Dr. Vibha Chhabra Bakshi speaking at the Harvard University, India Conference, Boston 2024.

Dr. Vibha Chhabra Bakshi delivering her speech at the Harvard Kennedy School.

An exclusive screening of ‘SON RISE’ followed by a fireside chat with critically acclaimed, award winning filmmaker director & producer Dr. Vibha Chhabra Bakshi at Notre Dame University.