No Journey Ends

Ah! My friend,
No journey ends.
It’s a long, meandering road,
We have all started on.
The rough-and-tumble view of events,
And those ever-changing medleys
Of string and song.
They all come floating over –
To you and me to recall:
No journey ends.
To realize this, will raise
Our souls to liberation.

You and me sought for money,
When we were dying down.
You and me sought for fame,
When we were unknown.
You and me sought for love, and more.
Fulfilled in high, it all arrived like music:
To stay with its infinite light.
My friend,
Did you expect all those colours,
Which simply took our breath away?
Remarking on our blossom-luck,
Fresh as rain, that’s how we felt!

And then, before we knew,
Everything went as it must go.
Once again, we were buried,
Beneath life’s strategy.
Though no worse than others –
We were overtaken by:
Another and another surprise happening.
I am telling you,
It’s an endless dream we are in:
With, among, our ceaseless existences.
Ah! My friend,
No journey ends.


Geeta Chhabra

From the book: No Journey Ends by Geeta Chhabra

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