Nougat Dreams

Nougat Dreams,
wrapped in petals of jasmine,
dip in night’s magic bowl —
coated in their own slumber.

The ink-black sky
stands out softly in the dark,
drawing a blanket on myraids
of jewel-shaped stars —
as they twinkle above in solitary splendour.

All night, just for a lark,
fairy-like images laugh and dance…
Near the wishing well, and the old barn —
to sleep briefly on the pillowed dawn,
in beds of cowslips, rosettes,
and ice-cream creepers.

Reminding them that the celebrations
are on: the breeze
with its enchanting wand,
taps every flower and plant,
to invite them for a drink of dew-drops
dipped in pollen and fruity nectar.

Hearing of the gala event,
the good trolls bequeath:
a permanent smile upon all living things —
as they tiptoe around,
keeping a tender eye on all worthy people.


Geeta Chhabra

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