Signet Ties

The simple heart of neither the Bedouin,
nor of his sloe-eyed Camel,
has come towards a rocketing change.
Without dishonour to progress,
they remain aloof,
nodding their sagely heads from afar,
at the gushing wings of time —
both sitting together, in the contentment
of their casual homes.

The sound of the rain rouses
the Bedouin, utterly;
in such a company,
almost in ethereal frenzy,
he still begins to pray.
In-on-across the wandering desert,
both master and his child-pet
relentlessly follow, where ever the miracle
of the water spectacle appears.

Unimpressed by the spread out dollars —
the Couple prefers to live in solitariness.
The Nomad made peace with his Desolator,
a long time ago.
The sleek letters that are formed
by the sky-writing horizon are mere confinements
of a prisoner’s cell,
in which the Bedouin and his Camel
would be isolated from each other!


Geeta Chhabra

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