In All Honesty...


There is no end to my mood.
Often! I am filled with melancholy.


Considering my day to day happenings, 
Life appears like a monkey-show to me. 


Is not the whole business of living,
A circus dictating all of us to participate in it?


Witnessing the larger spectacle,
I observe the futility of my days.


Time has flown!  
Time is flying as I succumb...


To my kinless state,
With no idea where I am going.


My endeavours have dissolved into dust!
I have not paid attention to my soul...


My inner silence is not fiction...
It never stops asking me questions.


The questions are old.
Even so, they don't get me a single answer. 


Floating on my fears and doubts,
I am filled with melancholy.


Time is flying!
And I have not paid enough attention to my soul. 



5th February 2016


Geeta Chhabra

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