(Based upon the turmoil which is prevailing on a global scale.)


The feeling of loss is unspoken.
How shall I put it into words:
The meaning of this feeling of loss?


Each day pits,
An increasingly violent picture,
All around me.
Newspapers, my TV screen, people,
By all accounts describe,
The rising tide of devastation.


Identity Crisis.
Religious Extremism.
Race Abuse.
Gender Discrimination.
Human Trafficking and Wartime Slavery.
Turmoil on a Global Scale.


Naturally there is everything about them
Which transforms into a curse –
Robbing me of everything.
The feeling of loss is unspoken.
How shall I put it into words!


It seems, the power of wisdom,
Has dropped down to sink
Into the world of darkness.
I am blinded by its colour.


I am blind – I am lost.
It is impossible I will find my soul, ever.
My state has sculpted me into a vast graveyard.
I am the startled corpse who is trapped!
There is no distinction between me,
And the prevailing uproar.


The feeling of loss is unspoken.
I will burn in it –
Until the final moment of my life.




Geeta Chhabra


From the book: Smash My Glass by Geeta Chhabra.


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