The Phenomenal Movement


Falling back on my past,
And present deeds,
The writing on the wall,
Always walks up the path with me:
To make a list of new appraisals.


Steadfast verse can approach my pen.
Success can unceasingly show its face.
I may think, I am a queen:
Safe and shut away from the dark.
Still! It is the clamour of my karmas,
On the lips of the walking wall.


Word upon word on the wall,
Lets me know that life remains:
A whirr of changing times –
Paying us our dues:
Through our perfect and imperfect acts.


05th September 2010


Geeta Chhabra



karma — Derived from the Hindi language, the total effect of a person’s actions and conduct during the successive phases of existence, held to determine destiny.


karmas — plural of karma.


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