Yesterday’s Verse.
Today’s Commotion.

Walk me back,

From the past to present.


Yesterday’s Verse...
Two little dicky birds,
Sat on a wall,
One named Peter,
The other named Paul.


Fly away, Peter,
Fly away, Paul.
Come back, Peter,
Come back, Paul.


Today’s Commotion...
War sirens hoot,
Refugees on the run,
Bakeries shut and burn,
Half-baked buns.


Under-nourished children,
Jobless men,
Overworked women,
To bear the brunt.


Paddy fields in flames,
For fiery madness.
Soldiers on a witch-hunt,
Soaked in rum.


Settlements unsettled,
Speckled with bombs.
It could be anywhere!
Lebanon, Hebron.



Geeta Chhabra


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