An Ode to the Arabian Desert


Drawing sketches
On the desert-sky,
With a steady wing-beat,
The falcon flies.


The sparkling oasis
Sings a miracle’s psalm,
In veneration
Of the emerald palm.


The moving patterns,
In the golden sands,
Are embracing each other...
They are freer than the lark!


Among the cacti,
And the nettled thorn,
In blushed tones of red –
A flower is born.


Surrendering to this
Nomadic charm –
Belligerent winds have left
The dunes unharmed.


Laying a love-siege
On the arid land,
The juvenile sea waves have
Crossed limits far beyond.


Splashing colours...
In the azure skies,
The rainbow has done
A full circle of joy.


Even the tweet
By the lamenting bird,
Has burst forth into
A polka dance!


I close my eyes,
To contemplate the view.
Arranged and rearranged,
Before my eyes.


I’ll say: It is God in everything!





Geeta Chhabra


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