Special Portraits…


Relationships matter…
Today, all day,
Nothing else mattered to me…
Today, all day,
I was thinking of mama,
Mama falling silent,
Arriving home from a funeral.
Mama’s white organdie saree,
A bit crumpled at the edge
Of that corner she used:
To wipe her tears,
At the cremation grounds.


Memories matter so much…
They have emptied me out.
Mama was one among us,
So caring and young,
And I was small and gawky,
Sitting in her lap.
Mama it was,
Who served us double helpings
Of porridge,
And everything seemed like honey!
Mama took me on long walks,
Taught me how to pray.
I was thinking of mama, again…


5th December 2012


Geeta Chhabra

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