An Ode to Burj Khalifa

See, the mid-night hour is the usual.
By and large, the world prepares to sleep,
And I am awake!
The nocturnal view from my windows
Is forever, a mass of moving cars,
And substantial lights.
Overhead against the deep indigo sky,
Burj Khalifa stands out like a pearl!
Unfolding all its moments,
Resembling silence and solitude.

At daybreak, as the city awakens,
I will be asleep –
Draped in a kind of hemlock-slumber!
Deriving a closer view,
That suits me best:
To marvel at the lustrous jewel.
Shine then, Burj Khalifa!
Shine in the glory of your past and future.
Remain the tower of towers,
Among names of great nations.

12th February 2010

Geeta Chhabra

From the book: An Indian Ode To The Emirates

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