Shadows of Darkness
Hai! Hai! Gaddafi

(Lines composed at the time of the civil uprising in Libya – protesting against the absolute autocratic regime of Muammar Gaddafi.)

Goes the night,
With murky shadows!
Trailing behind,
Comes the uncertain dawn,
And the infra day –
Nervous to bear the regime’s
Iron-fisted might.
The world sees Gaddafi
In countless tenses:
Too far gone with the succession
Of greed and betrayal.
No exclamations will be adequate –
To explain why the corrupted grandeur
Of the tyrant demands immortality –
As he slaughters his own people!

Hai! Hai! Gaddafi.
Hai! Hai! Gaddafi.
You are narrating to the nations –
The meaning of a dictator.

3rd March 2011

Geeta Chhabra

Hai! Hai! -- is a form of a wail or a lamentation – in the Hindi language.

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