From: My Villa In The Sky

(9101, Princess Tower – Dubai Marina)

I might describe the oratory of God
Inviting my gaze to expand –
In the scene laid in front of my eyes.

The sea is calm: built upon magical silence.
With all directions,
The waters are not grey, or, muddy,
After the dragging storm has left.

Under the mild afternoon,
The wave-less ocean shimmers
Better than silver.

Tall sky-scrapers compared to my mind –
Seem half-asleep.
Having tamed the rogue winds,
The horizon exhibits true bliss.

But, despair has seized me, again!
My brain pursues the rot of war –
Once more!

On the scene laid in front of my eyes,
My soul drifts to reach other regions:
Crimson in blood.
Pale in death.
Fiery in madness.

It is not all quiet with me.
The sea is calm.
I am not!

To my friend – Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary
March 2015

Geeta Chhabra

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