A Rapid Thought


Behind the evening shadows,
Though meagre is the flow,
The candle's wick must show me:
The meaning of light.


O! Candle.
Against the wide-running darkness,
Slowly burn your wick.
The wick is slim and short.


O! Candle – By a whirlwind,
I, too, will be swept away,
To my end –
In alleys or a sea somewhere.


O! Candle.
Hold on to your tint.
Show me the taverns of faraway,
Through your shine.


The vividness adorning your glow,
Is half the horizon glowing
For me –
O! Candle.


With what peace your glimmer,
Will wane away,
When your hour is done –
Entices me with reason…


To ponder willingly
Upon my own demise.
I hang on to you,
O! Candle.



16th November 2012


Geeta Chhabra

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