The Flow
(On my birthday)

Cut off from all dreams.
I was semi-awake.
Around the understanding silence –
An organ softly played,
Repeated notes from my heart.
It was both lively and peaceful,
To hear the song of those notes.
It seemed so much like spacious light.
Perennial praise for Him,
Composed my verse.

Guru Charan Chit Laagey,
Prabhuji, Baso Baso
Man Main Hamarey.
Gian Dhyan Mein Kachoo
Na Janoo,
Par Sanch Kahoon Bin
Guru Gobind Ek Pal
Na Reh Paoon.
Prabhuji, Dono Pradhan Aisey
Karo Morey Jeevan Main,
Dhar Dhar Deh Rakh,
Tar Jaoon Bhavsagar Sey.

01st April 2010

Geeta Chhabra

Translation of the Hindi verse.
My heart rests at the feet of my Guru. O, God, please dwell in my heart. I possess no spiritual knowledge, nor do I know how to meditate. However, this is the truth that I am unable to exist without the thought of ‘Both’ – God and Guru. O, God, make ‘Both’ so vital in importance for me, that I bow my head: at every step of step, and cross the ocean of deceptions.

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