Changing Scenes...

Golden first-born rays
of godly sun,
princely sunbeams,
light up your realm!
Surge ahead, to spread
your canopies.


High ranking mountains,
red lotus cups;
wild meadows, fresh white,
purple lily ponds.
Flat-footed, floating frills
of green algae!


Let all these objects,
and surfaces...
transform Nature’s
patterns into rejoicing pastures—
fulfilling promised gestures 
of lush scenes!


If this is an impossible feat...
In a blink of an eye!
I can change my stance;
turning to the darkened shores—
for I can rely and thrive
as well, on other themes!


From Autumn’s Fall, 
I have drawn—
gushing hues of orange red.
Often, from the crumbling moss,
I have composed my virgin songs.
Not always do I gather
lyrical notes for my life...
From singing brooks,
or dancing streams!


Geeta Chhabra

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