Flickering Reminders


Know, all that comes to us,
From dark and light,
Does firmly pass.
To add dimensions:
To the purpose of our mirth
And grief –
It must be plainly seen,
One day moves with another,
For the voyage to pass.


Against the code of impermanence,
No man can stand.
A ruling king, a fairy-prince,
The rest of us are together,
In a changing dream –
Voiceless against the cold reason
Of our swaying fate.
The invisible quill of time,
Forever, flows to describe:
All that comes to us,
Must firmly pass!


Therefore, the tidings of our lives,
Should not toss us,
In pain or joy,
Where we lose nearly all
The ease of sleep.
By the immensity of our will,
And quiet prayers,
We can learn to withstand:
The invariables of our lives.


25th January 2010


Geeta Chhabra

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