Two Worlds


Instead of toiling:
When the sun is the hottest,
The desert-noon is slowest.
Solitude is the best feature
Of the spacious hour.


Liking the bait of slumber:
Bud and bee are in a siesta-mood.
And I in my frugal prayers, browse –
Growing newer feet.


Climbing all the while,
As the guest of my favourite angels:
I feel staunch.
Sleep gently puts on me a bonnet –
I go to sleep!


Ceasing to exist:
Within my world –
An easier world rekindles.
I see siren signs in my lap –
Spring in all its ancestral facets –
Stirring around my unconscious being!




Geeta Chhabra

(From the book: No Journey Ends by Geeta Chhabra)


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