A Solid Pretext
(A Love-Poem)

When we meet again,
should I turn myself
to ice?
Or, respond with wondrous
features of laughter!
Are you struck
by the same question, too?

Could it be, that,
we would wrap
our glances into invisible kisses?
We will know, then!
And find a foot-hold into the unknown.

Alone, as I stand around
my ponderous thoughts,
gradually entering with them
my ever secret worlds:
a new font of images arrives,
consciously emptying me.
In excess the earth cools.

Again! Again,
You have caught in frenzy
my feelings, and coiled them
in faceted fears.
I am seized by this feature, too.

Fears of surprised hope: rippling!
Fears of cannon balls
over my head!
Fears of accidental rosy blushes
from my cheeks to shoulders!
Nearer to breaking —
my heart is again, breathless.

Needing You!


Geeta Chhabra

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