The Legend of Karma

‘None of us can escape our karma!’
‘No part of us can hide from our karma!’
My mother, grandmother spoke of mixed reasons
Why we come to sing or suffer,
In this world.
For me, there was no sweeter joy than learning
From the learned,
And this at once became my fortune,
Like the tide that flows along with a murmur.
Later, in time, through my endeavours,
I grasped more and more how karma works.

I learnt of love, of gain, of faith,
Of red-hot vengeance and of lust ―
Where destiny is a name given
To life’s circumstances.
The moving invisible pen can’t go back,
Or, forward to change what we choose to conduct.
The laws of navigation are clear:
‘What one sows, one harvests’.
Followers of this maxim,
Our gurus knew there was a game
In the play of every reincarnation.

Karma! Karma!
None of us can escape our karma!
No part of us can hide from our karma.

Admitted, everyone must die, but some pass away,
Too early: to suit the test of their karma!
There is all this humanity to talk to,
Yet, why are some people always lonely?
Their existence is confined with their karma!
The best of best remain unloved,
We have the answer pat:
With such peace of soul! We sight a man
Who reigns like a wise king, long and freely!
By the meaning of his karma!

Karma! Karma!
Our whole lives of loving, hating, hiding, appearing,
Wilting, flourishing ― disperse our deeds called: Karma.


Geeta Chhabra

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