Divine Dialogue


My Mentor’s silence speaks to me.
And the hushed calm that follows
Takes the form of a canopy –
Beneath whose shade, I dwell and rest.
His unspoken words pick up
My ashen being.
Hearing which, like a phoenix,
I rise from the dead!
My confusion resoles my heart
With uncertainty.
Defeated, not lost.
Heartbroken, yet not crushed.
I walk into a Paradise
Of make-believe –
Where His grace in permanence nests.


My Mentor’s silence as an act
Of faith, I treat.
He heals my festering wounds
That pester me.

When a heap of clouds
Indents my vision,
He recurves my treacherous course.
I know He protects me.


When heathen crowds
Pilfer solitary hours of mine…
Then, into a singed shadow
I retreat.
In my cluttered life,
From time to time,
Often I begin to feel lonely.


At that point…
My Mentor’s guiding gaze
Is enough for me.
He hides His smile,
But His eyes sparkle openly.
I just feel He is always there for me.
My Mentor’s silence speaks to me.


Geeta Chhabra


From the book: No Journey Ends by Geeta Chhabra.


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