A Mother – Representing Many Mothers


O! Child!
You were to be your father’s pride.


However, on your ill-fated list,
The first victim of constant reduction
Has been your father!
Year after year.
Month after month.
Day after day.
You sound the war-drums of threat.
Mystery’s answer reveals,
The most brutal tragedy devastating your home.
You have invented a gulag
For your own parents –
The worst form of any human violation!
Look! You have burnt to cinders everything.
People are believed to have been ‘moved’
By your rehidden lies.
The truth is… those ‘people’ –
Want to believe your odious tales!


O! Child
You were the apple of my eye.


I stare at the imposing gates
Of your amok past.
Isn’t your past – utterly pandemic?
I think, it is about time,
My portion and link ought to stir up:
A shout – to protest.
To raise a monumental debate.
To sweep the air clean with truth.
Let’s discuss back and forth –
Your heathen conduct…
(Even if all of it raises eyebrows).
Alas! You belong anonymously to
The timeless lineage of those
Who did every bit to break…
The hearts of their procreators.


You were to be your father’s pride!
You were to be the apple of my eye!



26th Dec 2013


Geeta Chhabra


Recited by Geeta Chhabra in Dubai for the Poetic Heart Event – Connecting Humanity in the year 2014.

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