Show Time!


It is a show of cameras.
By the elements of our speeches,
We say, we practise: Peace.
As precious lives
are betrayed,
and negotiations run out dry –
dismantling our shaken beliefs...
By gun shots!
We hear words rhyming around:


Our savage acts,
roll out countless deaths;
unsung, not all die,
and those that survive,
are empty skulls –
brain-dead, stone-deaf,
divided between you and me.
Oblivious, now,
To our formula, spreading:


In our sacred homes,
we dig graves
for newer forms –
drawing, sketching: news-events’–
motley, gruesome scenes.
Let leaders, beggars, statesmen,
householders, intellectuals, anyone!
Carry on –
the way we have carried on.
Our Desperate Show of Peace.


We Are Practising: Peace!




Geeta Chhabra


Ashoka Tree – A rain-forest tree, possessing dangling foliage.

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