My God


Some call on the Lord, “Rama”, some cry “Khuda”. Some bow to Him as “Gosain”, some as “Allah”; He is called the Ground of Grounds and also The Bountiful, The Compassionate One and Gracious… says Nanak, whoever realizes the will of the Lord, he will find out the Lord’s secrets!   
– Adi Granth, Ramkali



Savage red, saffron orange, pristine white –
which robe does He clad?
My God?


Is the temple His abode?
Or, does He choose staved churches, instead?


Is He garish, subdued, 
good to a fault?
Does His kindness ever draw back oaths?


Is He humane, like you and me?
Amply endowed?
Or, a citadel of a cruel giant looming about!


Where does He roam?
On top of dunes around pyramid cones,
and mountain ranges?
The desert-cities, or the tip of Tundra’s
frigid zones?


Is He among the Philistines, Jews, Hindus, Muslims,
grazing shepherds’ sheep in the grass?
Or, inside a grass-hopper’s hopping flights!


Are His feet in ‘chappals’ bound?
Perhaps, He is in gumboots that are wide in stride!
Is He barefooted, unheeded, blistered by disappointments,
while He makes His rounds?


What is my God?
A wave of upheaval,
a surgical calm?
Gushing streams?
A songster’s
ripple in the pond?


Which is my God?
The One who knows of Mosaic Law?
The Granth Sahib?
Or, the Holy Quran?
Does He recite the Puranic Verse
in tune? Or, believes
in Greek gods anciently true?


God of all creations...
God of every man.
My One God – You are the Truth.
The Whole Truth!
One God.




Geeta Chhabra



‘chappals’ – Indian style foot-wear.  


From the book: Smash My Glass by Geeta Chhabra.

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