An Ode to the Arabian Desert


Drawing sketches
On the desert-sky,
With a steady wing-beat,
The falcons fly.


The sparkling oasis
Sings a miracle’s psalm,
In veneration
Of the emerald palm.


The latticed pattern
Of the moving sands
Has broken free:
From its own embracing span.


Among the cactii,
And the nettled thorn,
In blushed tones of red –
A flower is born.


Surrendering to this
Nomadic charm –
Belligerent winds have left
The dunes unharmed.


Laying a love-siege
On the arid land,
The juvenile waves have
Crossed limits far beyond....


Trapezing through
The azure skies,
The rainbow did
A full circle of joy.


Even the sonnet
Of the lamenting lark,
Has burst forth into
A polka dance!


I close my eyes,
To contemplate the view.
Arranged and rearranged,
I’ll say: it is God in everything…




Geeta Chhabra

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