On: Sweet Angels of God

All of us, in our collective consciousness, collect many thoughts; these thoughts have a massive influence on us: both externally and internally.   Oscar Wilde’s story, The Picture of Dorian Gray, is not the only immeasurable example!  To stay away from negativity, we must ‘keep away’ from negativity.


The adopted routine of spiritual reading-writing, meditation, nourishing ourselves constantly with the faith of God’s Presence and abiding by His Universal Law – all of it can become a resolute precious content in our lives; these courses will feel like great reservoirs of contentment and calm, giving new dimensions to our way of life.


Though a repeated learner, (who has a long way to go) increasingly, I am finding assorted rewards in doing the simplest things, today.  On the same side, I am also never conflicted about my: Faith… the faith that lives on to grow, seeing God’s name in different forms of explanations.


To lay it rather simply – while revolving my contemplation around the sacred Qur’an in the English language, (I read the scripture during the holy month of Ramadan), the warmth of my beloved beliefs further penetrates in the cradle of: Oneness of God, Holy Messengers, Evidences of Miracles and Angels.  That many times, the manifest of AȲat, I read: that many times I am praying for an experience!  RAMADAN KAREEM.


The poem – Sweet Angels of God, extends the adequacy of my faith and hope:  enriching and beautifying the emoluments of my collective consciousness.


Sweet Angels of God


Glittering bright:
I love to imagine:
Your Being!
Sweet Angels of God.


Am I too far:
From you?
Send me a sign:
How I can lure you!
Sweet Angels of God.


It’s pure:
Beyond measure!
Your wondrous vision
Of calm and beams.
Sweet Angels of God.


Some day, one day:
I know!
He will show me,
Your winged gaze,
Sweet Angels of God.


Geeta Chhabra


AȲat – Proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc. as mentioned in Qur’an.


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