The Playing Band

In my mind’s galaxy, a band of constant thoughts is always playing.  The expansion rate of the band depends on me and I can run the model backwards or forward: make the measurements run ten, twenty, thirty years back.  In a split-second, I can also feed myself with ideas of the future through the band.  At the heart of this band are located melodies which set the trend of my mood and behaviour.  The whole thing sounds simple and complex: at the same time.  Does it not? It does to me!


The band has an intelligent system to detect obstacles and bumpy situations; whenever, I am outnumbered and outmatched by any diverse circumstances, a tune will still play with notes of the situation.  Likewise, during a happy spell, the band plays, sometimes, much more than a tra-la-la-la-la! The band displays to me that life is a passing dream of many scenes; on my part, while looking backward or forward, I must essentially feel liberated in such a way that no matter whatever tune plays, the remote-control of ‘evenness’ should be in my control: fully and always.




Geeta Chhabra


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