Truth and Lies

There is no mystery or myth in figures of enlightened saints when we learn that whatever they uttered became true.  The entrenched truth in them, activated their word to become what they wanted it to be.  Such is the power of truth! And truth prevails over lies – sooner or later.


From the age of six or seven, I remember quite vividly, my mother telling me the good things about speaking: the truth.  She also told me with a full feeling how bad it was to tell lies.  She always spoke with love and what I observed from her eyes and speech, I tucked it in my heart.  She seemed determined to teach me agreeable fine things of life; I seemed determined to learn, I think!


My mother’s motto-words on: ek such tey sau sukh, ek jhoot tey sau dukh – one truth and a hundred benefits, one lie and a hundred sorrows: have stayed with me in my life as companions of strength.


It is sad to review those people who constantly tell lies.  Most certainly the habit of lying can run into addiction; the actions followed by lies, or, vice-versa are absolute grounds of eventual suffering and failure.  Lies begin to develop when righteousness begins to disappear.  Liars are dependable on liars, and every ounce of meaning they derive from each other is bound to prove profitless.


Geeta Chhabra



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