The Importance of a Guru

When we have an illness, we might be able to treat ourselves; but it is always the best way to get well by going to a proper doctor, who will use his expert knowledge to put us on track of wellness: safely and swiftly.


A wanting-to-be-an-ace-pilot’s dreams will crash if he does not go through the proper training at a proper flying school.


A sportsman can attain hallmark victories, not by acclaims of a few sporadic winnings.  The participation of a wholehearted coach, distinct in the sport of the sportsman, will prove to be a decided factor in the continuous success of the victor.


Each of the above examples are leading to the evident subject:  The Importance of a Guru.  The Spiritual Teacher – the Guru, is known to be ‘dispeller of darkness”.  (From gu, “darkness” and ru, “that which dispels”).  What is the role of the Guru? The Guru is correctly showing us the methods of connecting to God, reclaiming peace for our souls, binding our spiritual evolvement with our earthly goals and general progress.  Because of the high advancement of the spiritual master, the inter-connectedness between a guru and God is so strong, that it can energize the sincere followers of the guru.  The unified relationship mentioned is important to give strength to any truth-seeker.  Although Truth – or, what we call God – is available to everybody, the best, quickest ways to find Him can take place through a person who has dispelled his own darkness, first.  Be aware of this position.  The guru-concept dictates not to follow a personality ‘blindly’, a grim outcome awaits with the ‘wrong’ guru.  We should trust the theories of God-inspired masters.  Sainthood is not bestowed upon them for nothing!


The vitality of knowing that we are following a well-tested course will largely absorb our interest and belief to pursue our experience to convert into faith.  Why are achiever-students inspired to apply and join the top-top universities?  Because those schools have a track-record to show.  Similarly, while making a choice for our guru, we must be heedful, attentive, even picky in our choice for a genuine guru.  Such is the power of a truly divine guru that a worthy disciple will never feel the incompleteness of his absence.  The reference is made to those enlightened masters who have attained mahasamadhi.


Geeta Chhabra


Mahasamadhi – during which the master merges himself in the Cosmic Aum and
                           departs from the world.  

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