As the urgent necessity crops up, so do Signs in public-places.  I have seen many of these through my days of traveling anywhere, somewhere… particularly in my own motherland – India.  Some lines lapse into such Indian-ness, that the end result of the meaning goes to another level of thought!  Here are some!


  1. Bar-man gone for delivery.  His wife available for all types of services.
  2. Doctor out of town.  His Compounder as good as Doctor.  Test your luck.  See Compounder now.
  3. To sit and rest on Platform allowed.  Rest of activities in Sleeping not allowed.
  4. Sleeping in the Tomb not permitted.
  5. Our Barber very good with Scissors.  No injury to customer, specially children.  WELCOME ONE & ALL.
  6. Please wait for Officer on Duty for 10 minutes.  He will be back in half hour.
  7. We never serve Stale Food.  Walk in with funny mood & confidence.
  8. Dear Tourists All Welcome Into This Tomb.  No Waiting Required.
  9. Pick-Pockets be careful.  In this temple God is looking at you.



Geeta Chhabra


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